Thursday, March 5, 2009


I heard from an old friend today. One of two school chums I keep in touch with, from my home town in Florida. I know I must be homesick because just yesterday, I did a google drive-by of the street where I was raised and then my old school and all around town.

I've been back there a few times, and I am always amazed at how it has changed. It seems to have gone down with the economy. What once was a beautiful tree-lined town, with lots of charm, is now a bit run down and looks like any other small southern town...complete with its' own Walmart. HOW SAD! Still, it's where I grew up, where I always referred to as "Home". After all this time, I now realize, home is truely where the heart is, and mine is here.

Till next time,

Love and Kisses

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