Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is a close up of the Love Birds, inside.

I promised a post featuring the birdcage, Orbelina decorated. Here is a photo of it shot at night, and one shot this morning. She did a fantastic job...

The birdcage was an Etsy find. I purchased it from

Hope you like the birdcage...let me know...I love to read your comments.

Love and Kisses

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today is Thanksgiving and as many do on this day...I am reflecting.

My heart swells with love and pride every time I think of having the privilege to be at the side of my hero, Jed Ufland. He is my everything. Still after 36 years, it is his name, in the night, I call when I am afraid; his smile that makes me soar to the sky with happiness; and his love that never fails me.

His courage, his wit, and his love is what has made me the person I am, and strive to be, everyday.

So, here's to you, my darling...and to many more Thanksgiving Days!!!

Love and Kisses

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Here are some new Head Shots of Zack...He got them today, so I just had to share them...Love you Zack, keep up the good work.

Friday, November 20, 2009


What started out to be a cool surprise for Jed, turned out to be a Comedy of Errors.

First off, Jed had to go into the office on Wednesday, so we postponed the celebration until Thursday. Okay, I can deal with problem. After 37 years, what's one more day, right?

Jed and I hung out all day yesterday...watching old movies, reading and just talking but most of all, enjoying each other. It's funny, but still after all this time, I'd rather be with him than anyone. I guess that is really what love is all about. My surprise was coming later, anyway.

First, I need to give you the back story. We used to go to Trader Vic Restaurant all the time. We ordered nearly the whole menu and pigged out for hours...we just loved the place. Then, Merv Griffen died (he was the owner) and it started going downhill, it was eventually sold and then it really got bad. Anyway, it finally closed...we were heartbroken. Our Pig-out place was gone forever...or so we thought.

Last week while I was shopping for Christmas things downtown, I drove by it. IT WAS STILL HERE...just moved across the street from Staples Center. I was delighted...that was going to be my big surprise. I was going to drive up to the restaurant, get out, leave the car with the Valet and we were going to eat until we popped. After a 45 minute drive, (2.5 miles, I HATE LA TRAFFIC)it was NOT TO BE!!!! (another back-story...Jed walks with a cane, and I have a terrible bad back) THERE WAS NO VALET PARKING!!!! I called TV's from the car and they said we had to park 3 blocks away. We went to the parking garage and it was a $25.00 parking fee. Now, I don't mind (well, sort of) spending that (especially on our anniversary), but then to walk 3 blocks...we called and cancelled the reservation. NO WAY, am I going to pay $25.00 and then walk 3 long blocks.

What to do...I immediately went into panic mode, and thought of Jeds other favorite restaurant, The Palm. So I turned the car around and pressed on. After an hour and a half of driving, we arrived at the restaurant. Needless to say, my back was KILLING ME and I could hardly walk (of course, I forgot MY cane).

Jed ordered a Crab Cocktail and a Broiled Lobster...his meal was pretty good. I deviated from my usual Capri Salad and Veal Parmigiana and decided to order Calamari and Steamed lobster. The Calamari was rubbery and (and this would be funny, if it wasn't so pathetic) I had to ask for a steak knife for the Lobster.

On the way home, we just started laughing...I have always said, when things go wrong, you are making a we started listing all our memories of the evening....made us crack up.

Oh...and the clincher...Jed told me it was 36 years...not 37...really made my evening.

Love and Kisses

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Check out my Grandson,Zack, in his first commercial...

The Palisades


Cute Kid...takes after his Grandmother...hee hee...

I'm so proud of you, Sweetheart, keep up the good work. I'm always in your corner.

Love and Kisses

Monday, November 16, 2009


More to Come

Love and Kisses

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I know...throw it in the Microwave...but...I just can't bring myself to stop cooking it the way Mother did. I feel very close to her, as I am standing there...turning each piece, checking for doneness. It's an act of love. Man, could she cook!!!

Anyway, this is how she did it.

First, start with Farmer Johns Bacon, or any Sugar Cured Bacon, and cook in bacon fat. She stored the fat in the fridge, and each time she used it, she would pour it up and store it. If ANYTHING other than bacon was cooked in the fat, she would throw it all away, and start over.

The more bacon fat, the better...she liked to cover the bacon...that way, it all cooked more evenly.

On Med-low heat fry the bacon until it is done. Now, here is one trick. Take out the bacon when it looks undercooked. You can always put it back, but once it is is too late. You can tell if it is done after it cools and it is crisp. Sometimes I put back just one corner...

Another trick...It really does the best job...drain on a brown paper bag...I use the inside of the grocery bag...just cut out a piece to fit your counter.


Love and Kisses


Perhaps because my Mother was Southern, or perhaps because she grew up in the depression, or perhaps, just because, my Mother had a saying for EVERYTHING.

The reason I bring this up is because, I am amazed at how many folks brag on these blogs (INCLUDING MYSELF, I MIGHT ADD)...I can hear my mother now..."I'd pat you on the back, but your arm's in the way"...and Mother, again you are right.

So to all of us braggers out there...HERE'S TO US...

One of MY favorite sayings, (and my Mother would turn over in her grave) is @#!$ &^% &*%^, I mean WHO CARES!!!

Love and Kisses

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I was wondering...someone recently referred to someone else as a "Dear Friend" got me to thinking...what a "Dear Friend" is to me, and then I wondered, what a "Dear Friend" is to you. So...just throwing it out there...What is a "Dear Friend" to you?

Monday, November 9, 2009


I can't wait until this is pretty again...maybe in a week!!
Everywhere we look...looks like a cyclone hit me...hee hee!!!

Thank God for Orbelina...She'll make it all better...Love her!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Here is another photo of Christmas decorating...I am making red and white roses to go on the tree...all it is going to have on it are roses and little white lights...I love the look...very classic. I'll post a photo, of course, when it is all up. It is going just as slow as I thought it was going to glad I started early.

Love and Kisses

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well...I started decorating for Christmas yesterday. I started early because I am so slow and if I don't start now, things just won't get finished in time.

I have decided to skip Thanksgiving Decorations altogether, that way, I can really concentrate on The Big One...

Here are a few of the photos...I will take photos every chance I get and post them. At the end, I will do some before and after photos...just for fun.There are more than 30 boxes...this is just a few...

A view looking out on the balcony...we are putting lights out there this year!!!

My Beautiful and Sweet Orbelina...

Orbelina, again...making pretty, she is soooo funny!!!!

Who is that handsome guy...must be my Darling Ivan...

Boy, do I love him!!!!!

Love and Kisses