Sunday, November 15, 2009


Perhaps because my Mother was Southern, or perhaps because she grew up in the depression, or perhaps, just because, my Mother had a saying for EVERYTHING.

The reason I bring this up is because, I am amazed at how many folks brag on these blogs (INCLUDING MYSELF, I MIGHT ADD)...I can hear my mother now..."I'd pat you on the back, but your arm's in the way"...and Mother, again you are right.

So to all of us braggers out there...HERE'S TO US...

One of MY favorite sayings, (and my Mother would turn over in her grave) is @#!$ &^% &*%^, I mean WHO CARES!!!

Love and Kisses


  1. oh, suzi!...thanks for giving me a laugh on this monday morning! mom had those old sayings too...except for that one about bragging...that is a riot!...i've got to tell my mom that mom's most common phrase to us growing up: "anticipate disaster"...she thought it was always keeping us prepared but we saw it as pretty droll, dreary and downright DID teach me to think ahead about situations...something i'm still trying to teach my own kids....happy monday (and an early happy anniversary!).

  2. Thanks Mimi...there are more...MANY MORE, I will be sharing from time to time...

    Now, I have to get to my sale item...can you believe it....I FORGOT!!!!