Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well...I started decorating for Christmas yesterday. I started early because I am so slow and if I don't start now, things just won't get finished in time.

I have decided to skip Thanksgiving Decorations altogether, that way, I can really concentrate on The Big One...

Here are a few of the photos...I will take photos every chance I get and post them. At the end, I will do some before and after photos...just for fun.There are more than 30 boxes...this is just a few...

A view looking out on the balcony...we are putting lights out there this year!!!

My Beautiful and Sweet Orbelina...

Orbelina, again...making pretty, she is soooo funny!!!!

Who is that handsome guy...must be my Darling Ivan...

Boy, do I love him!!!!!

Love and Kisses


  1. BEAUTIFUL! WOW.. girl you need to show more of your home! It is just so pretty.. and I love that you are putting up your Christmas stuff already.. WOW! Keep the pics coming, they are FAB!

  2. Thanks for the always say the nicest things.

    Love and Kisses