Sunday, August 9, 2009


I know...I didn't post any photos of my new range...but first, I wanted to give you the back-story.

We have lived in the building for 27 years and the stove provided was, well, let's just say, a mess, to say the least. All the numbers had worn off the knobs, I couldn't get it clean anymore, but worse was, it never had a calibrator. So when I wanted to bake, I had to use a thermometer purchased at the market (never was accurate)to see when it got to the right temperature. The gaskets had worn away, so all the heat escaped. Anyway, you can see why I needed a new one.

Yes, I could have asked the building to provide me with another one that I would loathe, but Jed...Bless his heart...told me to go buy my dream that is exactly what I did. I did keep the budget in mind (I know, not like me at all) and I found a stainless steel deluxe model from Sears...

We have been playing in the kitchen ever since it arrived. This week-end, we even made pancakes on the griddle.

SO...As soon as I tidy up the kitchen,wipe clean the stove top and make the kitchen presentable, I will post a photo.

Love and Kisses

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  1. sounds wonderful! I love new appliances.. Can't wait to see it and see what you have been cooking with it.