Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well, we returned home late yesterday afternoon. We had a great time in North Carolina playing poker with the grandsons and hanging out at my sons house.

I baked way to many chocolate chip cookies and ate way to much food, but what the heck...we were on vacation.

I haven't really looked at the photos, so as soon as I cull through the whole lot, I will post some good ones.

Jed and the rest of the gang went to a Minor League Baseball Game, (I stayed home, I was beat!!!) and then on another day, they went to the movies...again, I stayed home...that time to bake cookies..

We went to the Palm for dinner one night and we played lots of games and did lots of Chit Chatting. It was really nice to see everyone again. It has been too long.

We got a couple of good photos of Jed sleeping in the chair...AND NO...he is NOT getting a Lazy Boy...

Love and Kisses

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  1. Hi Suzi...thanks again for the group name....hope that is who we become.....great new range....please cook for me lol xo jana