Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Some of you already know my parents were from the South. With that being said, it goes without saying that they spew'd out Southern Expressions like crazy. My mother was the one we all rolled our eyes at and wondered what was going to come out next. But it was our Fathers sayings that I seem to fall back on when things get crazy at my house.

I remember this one, because my feeling were hurt and I was crying...some playmate had hurt my feeling and I was heart broken. Anyway, I remember my father asking me what was wrong and when I told him he said, "Go back to school tomorrow and kill them with kindness, if that doesn't work, just feel sorry for them, because they are missing out on one great friendship".

At the time I thought he was just being...well...Daddy. But over the years, I have come to realize just how remarkable that advise really was. I have heard it whispered in my ear many times and more often than not, when I listen to it, things go much smother in my life.

I'll share more of Mother and Daddys sayings as time goes by, but this one is an important one and I want all my readers to know how remarkable you are and what your friendship means to me and to everyone you touch.

Love and Kisses


  1. Those are wonderful words of wisdom! And you have that nack as well.. Your words are the best ever and your "sayings" make me smile and stay with me too! What a wonderful post!
    lots of love!

  2. well you just keep on posting dearie...cuz i love the read anything you probably got that from your parents!...keep em coming...xoxo meems