Saturday, February 21, 2009


Just wanted to say hello to everyone.

I'm going to have a new 1/2 OFF ITEM up on Monday around 8am, so keep an eye out for it.
I'll let you know how the diet and walking is going when I post my stats on Monday, after my walk. Monday is also my weigh-in day, so I will add my weight loss too.
Each Monday I add 5 Minutes (until I'm walking 1 hour). I start out on Monday at 2.6m.p.h. and increase the speed each day, until I get to 3.0m.p.h. on Friday. So this Monday I will start out at 50 minutes at 2.6mph. When I reach 1 hour at 3.0m.p.h. I will decide what do to next.
This is probably boring to everyone but me, but it is a record for me. And it makes me feel really good to look back at this post later, and see my accomplishment. So bare with me...I won't always go on and on about this...I promise.

L and K

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