Saturday, March 6, 2010


Tony at 6 Months

Navy Graduation

Tony and his Beautiful Family

After Tony graduated High School, he joined the Navy, spent 6 years on a Nuclear Submarine, met and married Lisa, and has raised two fabulous boys. He works full time, found time to coach soccer, and spend quality time with his family....ALL OF US!! All the while, he has quietly and steadily gone to night school and/or taken classes on line to get his Bachelors Degree.

I am proud to post that, now at 42, we learned he will graduate Magna Cum Laude!!!!

His Dad and I are Proud as Peacocks...We love you so very much, Tony. Thank you for making us the proudest parents ever!!!!

Hearts and Smooches


  1. That is amazing! You have to be so proud and he has to be proud too.. It is not easy to get all that done, while working full time and raising a family. Hats off to Tony! He deserves it!

  2. Thank you Mechelle...that is so sweet. It just goes to show you what we can do if we set our minds to it. And as I said before, I am proud as a peacock!!!!

  3. children are the BEST reward!! so good to hear such nice stories from such a nice person! kudos to you and jed; and kudos to tony for all his hard work (and his family for their support in order to accomplish it!)

  4. Thank you Mimi...He and his family are the best. He really did a fantastic job...